So here are some really bad doodles I did a while back when I was dreaming up Doodle Dolls. I am no artist, but you can see how little scribbles can be turned into gorgeous plushies

I’m wondering if any of these could be a good logo??

FullSizeRender 8

In other news, Huffadine (2017) reported that there is now a new way to measure what areas in New Zealand are most deprived:


The darker purple area’s represent the areas of most deprivation. As Huffadine (2017) states “There are 108 zones classified as “most deprived” in the South Island, but 10 times as many – 1083 – in the North Island. Wider Auckland alone has 432 of those. Kawerau has the country’s worst employment deprivation, but the worst income deprivation is in Pukekohe.”

Perhaps Doodle Dolls can use this to target those in the most desperate of need?

Another thing that Donna Cleveland suggested is making each artists doll a limited edition to ensure that they sell out and each child gets the exact same monetary benefit, rather than one child’s doll selling more than the other. My only issue with this is that it caps how much a child can make… This is something that we could possibly work with the business faculty to find the right solution.


Huffadine, L. (2017). A new way to measure deprivation in New Zealand might help those worst affected. Retrieved from