Feedback from crits today:

  1. Consensus was that my concept is really good
  2. I need to work out the various environments that I want to film while gesticulating – filming while using a mirror was suggested.
  3. There was a question whether I should add in shots of my actual hands to give context. I had thought of this myself – either shots of my hands from an second person p.o.v or adding in flashes of the environment or situation I’m in. However, I my instinct is to keep the film as ambiguous as possible, with the title the only clue to what might being going on. I want to move past what I normally would do – i.e. spell out what something means to an audience – and instead create and abstract piece where the audience either need to work it out for themselves OR they take away meaning from their own preconceptions of whats going on. Making something like this is pushes me out of my comfort zone. And I really like that even though it makes me apprehensive.
  4. My own observations from my experimentation as written in my last post still stands.
  5. I need a good mix of haziness unclarity with shots of one hand witnessing the movement of my other hand, faces, places etc – not all walking shots of my legs and the ground.

Overall I am extremely happy with the feedback. Next steps is to film in different areas/situations and decided what mix of these will be best to produce the film. Also, I need to work on the audio track of a rendition of Teardrop by Massive Attack. This will take a lot of practice and trial and error to perfect.