Today we shot the final video that we are going to present for our studio submission:

I’m going to create a haunting soundtrack to go with it.

We also did some polaroids of See An Enemy interacting around AUT. It was madness. There were crowds of people stopping to take a photograph or video of me. Everyone was just absolutely delighted.


Our idea is to draw on the polaroids. But after a talk with Sarah, maybe this is a little too cheesy. What would possibly be a better idea would be to blow up some of the best polaroids and hang them on our t-wall.

I am also questioning our diary entry idea. Like Sarah said, providing too much can end up looking unconfident. Maybe if we just printed out the descriptions we submitted to WOW, it will create more mystery and jog other peoples imagination.

Oh, by the way, we got through pre-selection! our biggest challenge now is to package and ship the beast down to Nelson…