This week we looked at doing rapid prototypes of our concepts. Kylie and I had quite different ideas. Kylie prototyped the idea of using arms for a action-reaction effect, inspired by animals change body language stance from being relaxed to being threatened – like how a cat will spike up and hiss when scared. She prototyped this by using the simple concept of having a hoop that lifted up as the hands were raised:




For my concept, I started to think about WOW and how entrants costumes are generally big, extravagant and loud, with energetic performances supporting the pieces flamboyancy.

This led me to question – what if we were the square amongst all the creativity? What we, instead of creating wild shapes and textures, contained our piece, featuring images, shapes and movement within a box? Kind of like a mysterious snow globe…

Obsessed with this idea of containment and understatement, I set to prototype the concept, which proved extremely hard with the limited materials:

FullSizeRender 2




We agreed that this was the most interesting and possibly most difficult concept to pull off. More ideas starting building, including relating the project to the story of Pandora’s Box, where Pandora opened the box and let all the evils in the world, leaving only hope within the box. Maybe what is contained in our box could represent this hope?

Kylie sketched out the idea (as I can’t draw):




Acrylic would be the obvious medium to build our box, but weight is a concern. Also we would need to figure out what type of acrylic to use – clear, frosted, textured, satin. To work out best materials, I went to Modern Plastics and picked up a range of samples for us to prototype with:


Other interesting items I spotted was acrylic hinges and other joining pieces that may be useful in the construction of the box:














As I mentioned earlier, weight is an issue we have to be mindful of. The sales man at Modern Plastics believed that our box could weigh up to 19kgs. So we need to think about using lighter acrylics constructed onto frames to keep the weight down.

Another issue is working out have to keep the stuff in the box while letting our models legs be out and free to walk.

A great idea was to have our model in a morph suit, with only there hands painted with UV paints, so their hands were pushing and floating in the box.

Prototyping and sketching out our ideas will help us move to a final concept.