Today was the first meeting on our AIAL brief.


  • Me: Communications, project management, research, idea generation, marketing
  • Marlo: Tech, developer, electronics, design thinking
  • Aaron: Design thinking, research
  • Lara: Idea generation, team player, etextiles and physical computing
  • George: Idea generation, circuitry
  • Kylie: UX, UI and graphic design
  • Patricia: Web development.

The team will meet an hour before our scheduled studio time every week to work on the project.

Things we are currently looking at:

  • Making the project have an educational aspect
  • Augmented reality
  • Figuring out our main guiding question to the problem we are solving
  • Must make users want to play it again and again; must not be a once only experience
  • Must have a lot of personality – something we believe some of NZ’s successful iconic brands have
  • An element of exploration
  • Produce a website that kids can continue their play through once they leave the airport lounge space
  • Must be an enriching experience
  • Make boarding time for each player a part of the game so that children don’t leave upset at having to end the game

For Thursday:

  • Have research done on other projects that have tackled kids engagement in a commercial space
  • Have contact with the airport and organise a meeting to understand their needs and view the space
  • Prepare a project flowchart if possible.

That’s it!